Rapid, Reliable Counting

Truecount item-level RFID enables the most rapid and accurate counting possible: 100 times faster than barcode and manual. At a read rate of 100s of items per second, a complete cycle count can be accomplished in minutes, and the time needed for counting and auditing tasks that once required multiple people and took many hours to perform can be reduced to under an hour.

Truecount RFID delivers significant competitive advantages for retailers of every size, with a portfolio of solutions that address the challenges of inventory distortion, human error, retail theft, fraud and more to ensure rapid ROI. More than a software provider, Truecount is your strategic partner for optimizing every aspect of your business. Learn More

It’s faster, simpler, easier in the Cloud

The quickest path to RFID ROI is through the Truecount CLOUD.

Simple Deployment

Truecount keeps RFID deployment simple, non-disruptive and very cost and time efficient. Little to no integration is required to get your operation up and running quickly. In fact, integration with your existing systems is seamless, with Truecount functioning like a “skin” over your legacy ERPs and enabling these systems to immediately capture the speed and accuracy of RFID counting capabilities. In most cases, you should realize ROI fast—in less than six months.

Full Visibility into Inventory

When You Want It

To manage your inventory properly, you have to “see” it clearly, accurately and totally. Truecount assures 360-degree visibility into inventory whenever you want or need to check, validate or correct activity. Accurate scan reports are readily available to show you where each item is, and what’s happening to it. From the manufacturing source to the check-out register, Truecount helps you keep inventory in sight and in its proper place.

Increased Profitability

Truecount item-level RFID can lift sales for your operation while minimizing shrink and lowering costs related to inventory.

With Truecount, you can easily maintain inventory counts that are 99+% accurate, and easily track the location of merchandise as it moves throughout the store. This means greater inventory visibility, improved loss intelligence and fewer missed sales opportunities due to faulty “Out-of-Stock” reports.

Truecount rapid and accurate counting and tracking removes distortion and increases overall inventory visibility. As a result, Truecount reduces OOS by up to 30%, increasing sales by 5 to 15%, and giving an uplift to customer satisfaction and retention.