Truecount Item-level RFID–The Perfect Fit

For all its remarkable functionality, in the end, RFID is all about counting. Rapid counting that saves you time, effort and labor costs; Accurate counting that keeps your inventory in balance, with your shelves and sales floor “near perfect

” at all times, ensuring that your inventory is always a perfect fit for what the customer expects to find.

Rapid counting: Truecount lets you count 100 times faster than is possible with manual counting, reducing your cycle counting time by up to 96%. This means you can perform cycle counts more often, and as frequently as needed to keep shelves stocked during specific upswing times when your inventory turnover is most volatile, including holiday shopping seasons and back to school months. Faster cycle counts also mean your staff has 96% more time to devote to the profit-building activities of customer service and sales. More rapid execution of necessary counting tasks also means less overtime for your staff, and completely eliminates the need to close your doors for annual inventory. You can expect all processes and work flows relating to inventory to become more streamlined immediately.

Accurate counting: Results from studies conducted by Dr. Bill Hardgrave of the University of Arkansas RFID Research Center revealed that for soft goods retailers, inventory inaccuracy rates can be as high as 51 to 65 percent. This means that at any given time, you, as a retailer can be making decisions based on data that is only 35 to 49 percent reliable. As a result, you face Overstocks, which tie up cash and force steep discounting, additional shipping costs and Out-of-Stocks, generally leading to lost sales and unhappy customers. According to the IHL study, Out-of-Stocks alone cost soft goods retailers $6.7 billion in lost revenues each year. Truecount enables your operation to achieve 99+% accuracy for all counting—near perfect.

Closing the gap: Faster counting with near perfect accuracy. Great stuff, but just where does Truecount “fit” into the retail technology landscape? Think of RFID as an enabling technology, not a replacement technology. It is, quite simply, the missing link in the existing technology and systems you currently have and rely on to optimize

intelligence for your operation. When used in conjunction with complementary technologies such as POS, EAS, Inventory Management or other technologies (including those for people counting or workflows), RFID adds unprecedented power, enhancing the functionality of these technologies “to the max.”

Simply stated, Truecount RFID fills the gap between what your systems are achieving now, and what is possible to achieve when the systems are enhanced by RFID’s rapid and accurate counting capacity. Whatever the scale or complexity of your retail needs, whatever processes are now in place, Truecount item-level RFID is the perfect fit. To learn more about what Truecount can bring to your operational efficiency, email

The “perfect fit”: For all of its advanced features and capabilities, Truecount RFID does not require you to displace or replace existing systems and processes. Truecount RFID is an enhancer and an enabler—a facilitating technology that fits with what you are doing now. In fact, Truecount integrates so seamlessly with your existing systems, that it functions like a “skin” over your these systems, boosting them to the highest levels of performance possible.


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