A Winning Team

Do you want to work with smart, talented people in a fun and engaging work environment? Do you want to work where new challenges await you every day?


Great! At Truecount, we offer many career opportunities which allow you to explore the future of retailing with leading edge RFID and .Net technologies. We help retailers deploy RFID solutions to maximize their effectiveness and profitability.

We’re passionate about what we do and we look for like minded individuals to join us!

We Promote Diversity

Truecount is committed to the long-term recognition, development, and advancement of its employees. We believe our diverse workforce helps Truecount realize its fullest potential. Recognizing and developing the talents of each individual brings new ideas to Truecount. We value the diversity of our employees and promote a culture which fosters employee contributions and individuality. We enjoy the unique perspective diversity bring to our clients and is a fundamental aspect to our growth strategy. We have employees from all backgrounds in roles throughout the company and pride ourselves by treating all Truecount employees with fairness and respect.

Truecount is an Equal Opportunity Employer

The Truecount workforce is diverse in many dimensions. At Truecount, we are committed to fostering an environment that embraces mutual respect, cooperation, and productive relationships. We continue to operate in accordance with federal, state and local laws that protect employees regardless of age, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, physical capability, race, and religion. More broadly, striving toward a more diverse corporate environment requires that employees at all levels treat their peers, subordinates, supervisors, colleagues outside of Truecount, and customers with respect without allowing differences to interfere.

Open Positions

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    Please submit your resume to: careers@truecount.com