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Our About page provides an overview of Truecount, our corporate culture, our people and our business focus. Our Mission statement and Vision for the future can be found at To learn about Truecount’s item-level RFID, visit

Our Focus

RFID JournalTruecount is driven by our passion for improving the way businesses operate. Our mission is to help shape the future of retail using the breakthrough technology of RFID, the most rapid and most accurate way to count.

Truecount develops and deploys advanced item-level RFID, delivering critical knowledge to retailers using state-of-the-art technology that was never before available.

Truecount RFID enables the continuous improvement of inventory and supply chain related processes that make it possible to bring an existing business to the highest levels of operational excellence achievable.

RFID is one of the most rapidly developing and transformational technologies of our time. The applications, the data gathering capabilities and the possibilities for improving the quality of how we live, work and play are endless. As more industries adopt RFID technology, the horizon of possibilities expands. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of the RFID transformation by continuing to develop software solutions that unleash the full potential of this remarkable technology, RFID.

Our Culture

Truecount is focused on creating the highest levels of value for our customers, our employees, our investors and our ecosystem of best-in-class partners. We work hard to align the day to day business activities of our Company with ethical best practices and with our own principles for integrity and honesty. Our goals for sustaining excellence are centered on finding ways to serve our customers, and the marketplace, better. We have structured our Company with a “flat” hierarchy and cross-functional teams rather than departments. The simplicity of our business model facilitates personal responsibility and accountability while promoting a diverse, collaborative work environment that nurtures creativity and innovation.

Our Clients

Our clients are retailers and merchandisers of all sizes, from large international chains to local boutiques, who want to achieve the highest levels of operational excellence possible for their business. Truecount helps our clients reach their business goals by bringing maximum “real time” visibility to inventory and supply chain processes using item-level RFID. An industry game changer, RFID is fast creating new paradigms for counting and tracking assets and for capturing vital data at the item-level, including Loss Intelligence and consumer insights. As a result, Truecount clients experience streamlined efficiencies, optimized sales and increased profits. In an era of complexity, Truecount makes it simple for retail professionals to gain competitive advantages and increase profitability by rapidly and accurately counting and tracking inventory.

To ensure maximum benefit and ROI for every client, we provide expert support and competitive pricing that includes local, hybrid and cloud based options.

Our History

The Company was founded in 2010, and is led by an established executive team, including a recognized “hands-on” expert in RFID applications for retail, Zander Livingston. The concept for Truecount and our feature-rich software evolved from Livingston’s insights working “hands-on” within the retail industry as the Director of RFID for a large apparel chain.

Beginning with the very first lab-based testing and early pilots, RFID technology was proving effective for retailers, delivering better results than existing technology systems. As remarkable as RFID was, something was missing. The full capabilities of the technology were not being unleashed for the industry. With RFID only recently entering the retail space, most existing RFID technology platforms were developed for applications other than retail. Software developers and RFID vendors had little knowledge about retail processes, with little experience or expertise in the field. Truecount was created to meet the critical need for solutions that could address retail market needs more fully. Working with the most sophisticated technology for item-level RFID, and calling on best-in-breed partners for tags, readers and other hardware components, Truecount built one of the first RFID solutions purpose-designed for the retail space. Our expertise now extends to event merchandising and other retail/merchandise related applications.

Along with our solutions, we provide the top-tier implementation, training and support required by clients to effectively use and derive value from our products.

Our People

We have created, and maintain, a dynamic workplace environment attracting outstanding people who will both challenge our ideas and be challenged by the objectives set before them. We invite you to meet our leadership team.