Our Mission

Truecount’s mission is to be one of the world’s leading RFID technology firms, providing our clients with practical, innovative solutions to rapidly and accurately count and track goods in a simple, cost effective manner leveraging our core software technology.

Vision for the Future

Mission & VisionThe world will be ubiquitously RFID tagged. Truecount will be able to count and track this ‘internet of things’, maximizing the use of RFID in a simple, cost effective manner.

“A ubiquitously RFID-tagged and networked world offers a transformational extension of the World Wide Web. It will become not just a World Wide Web of data, but also a World Wide Web of things.”

In the near term, RFID is primarily serving as a supply chain management tool. It facilitates automation by removing manual labor. The data generated by RFID solutions like Truecount will mean that item level data about shipments can reach a destination even before the items are loaded onto the truck.

However, things will change drastically once readers and RFID tags are everywhere. In the “RFID-enhanced future”, the benefits are not just to businesses, but also to consumers. A few examples:

Easy Item Returns: RFID tags will contain all the information required for returns, enabling the return of RFID-tagged items of apparel without a store receipt.

Dynamic Pricing: Retailers will have the ability to change pricing ‘on the fly’ by using RFID tagged items which do not have a price on the tag. A clothing rack with a LED display showing the price of the items will make it possible for retailers to modify pricing in real-time based on supply and demand.

Personalization: Consumers will be able to carry a RFID tag into a store to receive personalized service. For example, when you approach a clothing rack at a retailer’s store, the items in your size and preferred colors will be identified.  By combining Personalization with Dynamic Pricing, a retailer could even provide you with your own ‘special’ pricing for an item.

Self Checkout: As a consumer, you will be able to purchase items by simply leaving the retail venue with the items in your hand or cart. With an RFID payment device in your wallet and RFID tags in the items you are carrying, you will simply walk out of a store having paid without accessing a clerk, cashier or check-out station.

The Possibilities with RFID are Endless. Do you want to know more about what RFID can do for you? .