ServiceTruecount’s RFID solution is designed to simplify deployment, with little to no integration required.

Our solution has a very intuitive interface—one of the most intuitive in the industry—and because we’ve leveraged an open platform, our solution is highly scalable, easily expanding to your additional locations, and surprisingly cost efficient.

All of Truecount RFID for Retail services are focused on minimizing impact on your existing operations, using best practices and tagging methods for encoding, printing and attaching tags and identifying benefits, specific to your business model and needs.

Key highlights of Truecount’s core expertise include:

  • Utilizing best practices to achieve compelling results with little to no integration
  • Merging RFID technology with existing business processes and legacy systems (e.g. POS, ERP, WMS, etc)
  • Reducing training time through our intuitive user interface
  • Designing scalable and repeatable solutions for retailers of all sizes
  • Providing an open system with the ability to upgrade and add new modules quickly and easily
  • Applying cost-sensitive solutions which have a low cost of ownership
  • Utilizing the best hardware and equipment for each project and each client

Note: To further reduce the upfront and ongoing cost of RFID deployment for our clients, Truecount offers train-the-trainer programs plus ongoing hardware and software support.

To learn more about Truecount and to see first-hand how item-level RFID can deliver astounding results and a compelling ROI for your organization, call Truecount for a complimentary consultation 1-800-403-7118 x1 or email