ConsultingExperience is Everything– Leverage Truecount’s extensive experience with ALL aspects of building and deploying successful retail RFID solutions.

Truecount Consulting Services begin with an overall assessment of your business culture, current processes and goals in order to identify the best way to utilize RFID to attain the greatest ROI for your business case. This includes a high-level overview discussion, a detailed on-site survey, analysis of your existing workflows, and understanding your pain points and strategic goals.

Key information provided in our assessments:

  • Which stores are capable and ready to deploy RFID.
  • How many stores should be targeted for deployment of RFID, and when.
  • The products in the distribution center or store that should be tagged, and where the tag will be placed. Determine what items to tag, at what point to apply the tag and how to apply the tag.
  • Evaluating the infrastructure to determine where visibility is critical and how to acquire that visibility with the use of fixed and mobile readers.
  • The type of tags that should be used for maximum performance and ROI.
  • Hardware and installation methods for ensuring the highest usability and redundancy.
  • How best to merge, integrate and incorporate advanced RFID technology with your current business model and existing workflows/processes.
  • Long term strategy for RFID integration and information analytics.

Let our Consultants help you develop your business case for RFID, built on Key Performance Indicator (KPI) based ROI covering:

  • Inventory accuracy (sales lift)
  • Labor savings (store/backroom cycle counts/audits)
  • Loss/shrinkage
  • Packing and receiving exceptions
  • Out of stock
  • Employee performance