deplymentTruecount has created one of most uncomplicated, intuitive item-level RFID solutions in the industry. Little to no integration is required to get your operation up and running quickly, capturing the full benefits of Truecount’s rapid, highly accurate counting capabilities.

Our proven deployment methodology follows our solution design premise:
Truecount designs our solutions to keep deployment simple.

  • Non-invasive integration
  • Intuitive user interface (UI)
  • Scalable
  • Open platform
  • Cost sensitive

Truecount’s deployment methodology begins with precise Store Preparation; installation of hardware and testing within the retail environment. On-site tagging follows, allowing additional testing of the hardware and software, then retesting to ensure goals are met before the final scan for ‘go live’.

Truecount deployments are low impact.

  • As retail specialists, we understand “first hand” the sensitivity of the retail environment in terms of look and feel.
  • Because we are from retail, with solid backgrounds in the apparel industry, our teams have the know-how to “get it done” during both open and non-business hours for your operation.
  • Truecount deployment teams formulate and direct the implementation, and are responsible for managing the human resources required to ensure all items are tagged in an organized, efficient manner.

Truecount is flexible, with multiple deployment techniques to meet the needs of each client. Whatever the size of your operation– large, medium or small—Truecount is able to accommodate your situation and goals by leveraging our global network of leading partners.

Our supervisory teams are experienced with a multitude of tagging methods suited to what is best for you, including:

  • Applying a second tag, and commissioning
  • Adhering the RFID tag to an existing tag and commissioning (includes mobile tagging)
  • Replacing pre-existing barcode tags with RFID/barcode tags using printers and remote printers

Whatever your situation or requirements, our teams are well-trained in the latest techniques for reaching the “go live” date as efficiently and unobtrusively as possible.

For tag application, Truecount supervisors have directed, and are experienced, working with, small internal crews, 3rd party labor sources, and can direct, as well as train, your internal teams for added economy.

In short, Truecount has designed multiple, flexible options to get your store RFID ready with the lowest investment of time, money and personnel. We have access to a pool of personnel with solid retail experience to facilitate and accelerate overnight tagging. Our teams utilize mobile encoding devices (e.g. hip encoders) to ensure a fast and reliable ‘tag-up’ for any size operation.

Hip encoders have provided one client with the ability to replace their entire POS system in parallel with the deployment of Truecount by allowing them to associate, encode and adhere an RFID tag and capture inventory in a single pass through their stores. The inventory was fully tagged and the encoding data imported into both the inventory and POS systems, allowing the client to ‘Tag up’ hundreds of thousands of items over a long weekend.

Truecount Deployment Methodology:

  • The know-how and success of our teams with multiple RFID deployments ensures best practices in designing and deploying our solution to meet the needs of your business.
    • Truecount can deploy our solution locally or in the cloud.
    • Truecount are experts at kitting up hardware, including the hardening of hardware off-site in durable, clean, customized casings for ease of installation.
    • With our solution, you simply mount it and plug it in
  • Truecount has experience utilizing commissioning workstations and RFID printers.
  • Our teams participated in the design of the latest version of an industry-leading mobile handheld.
  • Performance and Integration Testing
    • We know the pressure of having an end customer waiting for merchandise, and our rigorous testing procedures help ensure that our application operates perfectly, and that end to end integration and data exchanges are accurate and timely.
    • Truecount places an IT expert at your location for oversight during the first phase of system operation