Go Live

dsfaTruecount utilizes its extensive experience in RFID deployment to properly prepare your store for ‘Go Live’.  Once all of the items are tagged, the entire location is scanned with mobile readers and the Truecount system will be operational.

Many companies have experienced failed pilots because of the extended time required to “get the system accurate” after they turn on the switch.

Truecount mitigates this risk by addressing specific areas to ensure that every ‘go live’ is highly accurate and effective, with all infrastructure, hardware and software properly installed and tested; the tagging process clean and reliable—and the staff properly trained.

Once the advance testing confirms that all systems and system components are working perfectly, we ‘go live’, but not before. In some cases, we may stage one (or several) Mock Go-Lives to simulate the change in processes and to have the first team perform multiple cycle counts so that they may train others in the organization.

Following “go live”, Truecount will be onsite to assist with continued instructions and to monitor the system to ensure highest performance. The system will continue to improve as it matures and the capabilities of the employees using it increase.