Now, Retail operations of every size can experience the full “Big Retailer” benefits of RFID without “Big Retailer” costs.

Introducing: Truecount RFID “Essentials”

Easy to Install.  |  Simple to Use.  |  Priced Right.

COMPLETE: Truecount RFID Essentials is a complete, powerful solution that provides everything you need to:

  • Count rapidly as often as you want without having to handle merchandise.
  • Gain maximum visibility via accurate counts – 99+% accuracy
  • Maintain fully-stocked shelves and sales floor and perfectly balanced inventory at all times.

Every item in the right place so customers can find what they want, when they want it.

With no more Out-of-Stocks, your store can achieve maximum sales.

UNCOMPLICATED: Deploys quickly, within 1-2 days, to get you up and running fast with minimum cost

FLEXIBLE: Use in a single store or in multiple locations, pinpoint problems in specific departments or sites or prove the business case for your entire operation.

Investment per location:

  • $999 installation cost, staff training/support included
  • $399 per month for software and support

Ask us about tags priced as low as .07 cents each.

Fast, measurable ROI—driven by accurate inventory management and full visibility into where your merchandise is at all times.

Enjoy all the benefits many top retailers are realizing from RFID today, including Walmart, Macy’s, JC Penny’s, Bloomingdale’s and other category leaders–for a low MONTHLY charge of only $399!

No huge investment, no painful learning curve. We charge a small installation fee ($999) which includes on- site training plus support. Let Truecount get you up and running fast.

Our technology is proven, stable and expandable. As you grow, we grow with you. Truecount can integrate into many of the most popular Point Of Sale systems, Ordering and Warehouse systems. At the register, an RFID reader can supplant or replace your existing bar code readers, and at the door, RFID can replace or supplant your existing EAS security tag system.

“With Truecount in place, WaterWheel is able to rapidly and accurately count and track goods in a simple, effective manner. This represents significant savings in time while ensuring that our display tables and kiosks are properly stocked.” ~ Phish/Waterwheel
“What impresses me most about Truecount is the “visibility” that the system gives into our whole supply chain. With the speed the system counts items as they are received, deployed, and sold, we expect to yield an ROI in one year or less. ~ Mammoth Sports

POS integration, Custom coding, and other Add-ons available upon request.

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