Leave the Counting to Us!

Why spend hours of time and manpower when Truecount can count hundreds of items per second?

Truecount item-level RFID is the fastest, easiest, most reliable and most accurate way to count and track merchandise.

  • 100x faster than hand counts
  • 90% faster than barcodes
  • 99+% accurate—every time
  • 90% less manual labor
  • 100% Hassle-free

“Truecount has significantly streamlined our merch counts on the road, saving us valuable time and avoiding inevitable human errors. Truecount has also been a pleasure to work with, proactive, focused and understanding of the constantly changing variables of managing merchandise on the road.”

Mathew Beck, Touring Director
The Waterwheel Foundation

End manual stock counts with Truecount’s RFID software. Turn your counting over to us, and let Truecount be accountable.

We’ll help you execute stock control, merchandise logistics and more—without the errors and headaches. Give Truecount the responsibility for your inventory and you’ll experience the highest degree of accuracy and ease possible.

We make it simple to automate your ‘Receive’ and ‘Pack out’ process using fast and accurate RFID scanners getting you in and out of venues fast, leaving you with more free time. Truecount’s “Geiger Counter” functionality will make sure you never spend time searching for items.

Now you will always know exactly where each item is, what’s missing or lost and what’s selling. Plus:

  • Ensure you have all the right items available to maximize sales opportunities
  • Rapidly scan each merch stand as often as desired for “on the spot” replenishment
  • Reconcile cash and merchandise quickly
  • Identify the “what, when and where” of lost or stolen merchandise (leading to the “who” and “how”)

Count Less – Sell More

Contact Truecount 1-800-403-7118 x1 or email success@truecount.com.

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