With Truecount item-level RFID in place, you can expect:

Increased Sales – up to 15% sales lift

Improved Inventory Accuracy – up to 99+% accuracy

Reduced Costs – RFID takes 96% less time than bar codes for similar tasks

Labor Saving – including 90+% off the time needed to perform inventory cycle counts and receive product

Execution Enablement – captures and corrects inventory handling errors in real time, taking the worry out of making sure your product is in its proper place

Higher Customer Satisfaction – fewer out-of-stock and/or missing items

Rapid, Reliable Counting

Truecount item-level RFID enables the most rapid counting possible: 100x faster than manual counts, and 25x faster than bar codes. At a read rate of 100s of items per second, a complete cycle count can be accomplished in minutes, and the counting and auditing tasks that once required multiple people and took many hours can now be performed with fewer people and completed in under an hour.

Such rapid, accurate counting ensures you will always have a complete and clear picture of your inventory: increased visibility that will improve all tasks and processes relating to inventory, including forecasting.

Truecount’s speed and accuracy enable you to perform inventory checks when they work best for you, including non-operating hours: prior to opening for business, or after closing. When inventory turnover accelerates during holiday shopping periods and back-to-school season, you can easily track the movement of inventory—finding, counting and restocking merchandise left in the dressing room or shopping cart— as well as what’s on the shelf or in the back room. Monitoring the shelf and rack movement with Truecount, your staff can replenish more quickly and maintain a “near perfect” sales floor throughout your busiest periods.

Faster cycle counts also mean your staff has 96% more time to devote to the profit-building activities of customer service and sales. More rapid execution of necessary counting tasks also means less overtime for your staff, and completely eliminates the need to close your doors for annual inventory.

And Truecount pushes accuracy rates to a near perfect 99+%.

Your staff can perform cycle counting more frequently, and with more confidence in the results. This means you can receive precise, granular data on your inventory whenever you need it for real-time decision making.

See how Truecount’s rapid, accurate counting can cascade benefits throughout your operation, boosting efficiency, sales, customer satisfaction and profits. Call today for a complimentary consultation 1-800-403-7118 x1 or email success@truecount.com.