Introducing Truecount RFID 2-GO

Powerful out-of-box solution supporting complete counting, tracking, management and reporting capabilities in-store or on the road. No integration required. Get Up and Running Quickly.

Key Features

  • RFID Receive – validation at the item-level in seconds without opening the box.
  • Tag Management – commission/encode tags, remove tags, handle lost tags, etc.
  • Inventory Lookup – search/locate inventory by GTIN, Item #, Style, etc.
  • Reporting – visibility into business operations, including shrink, sales, item location, sales floor replenishment.

Key Benefits

  • Targeted solution for RFID proof of concept or spot loss/tracking
  • Simple to use with 99%+ accuracy
  • Scan 1000’s of items in minutes –(e.g. on a rack, in a box, etc.) providing an extremely accurate list of current inventory and what is missing
  • Scan your inventory in 96% less time than manual counting
  • Scanning can be done as often as desired

RFID 2-GO Hardware Included

  • 1 – Durable Road Case
  • 1 – RFID Mobile Handheld Reader
  • 1 – TC Workstation (on a Laptop running Truecount RFID Software)
  • 1 – RFID Reader/Antenna
  • 1 – Networking Gear/Required Cables/Power Cords

Limited Time Offer to Qualified Retailers
“Test Drive” RFID 2-GO for 4 months
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