Item-level RFID, the Competitive Advantage

“… RFID is a tool to better serve customers and drive sales by ensuring we have the right produce in the right place at the right time for our in-store and omni-channel shoppers.”

– Tom Cole, Chief Administrative Officer, Macy’s


Truecount RFID delivers significant competitive advantages for retailers of every size, with solutions that ensure a “near perfect” sales floor

Truecount delivers the most rapid and accurate counting possible, saving you time, effort and labor costs and keeping your inventory in near perfect balance.

Whatever the scale or complexity of your operational needs, whether boutique or large multi-store retailer, Truecount makes it easy to attain 99+% accuracy for all counting tasks throughout the supply chain—from manufacturing source to final customer purchase.

Truecount item-level RFID is designed specifically for retail and delivers TRUE item-level intelligence and an integrated workflow/process engine that meets the unique needs of the retail industry.

The Truecount Difference

Experience Counts. Truecount offers an exceptional, industry leading integration and deployment model based on years of experience in retail.

Our software requires little to no integration to get you up and running smoothly, and quickly. For even faster overall roll-outs and a speedier path to ROI, ask about Truecount’s cloud-based hosting model. Structured for SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing simplicity, this model reduces upfront investments for infrastructure and shortens timelines for implementation.

SaaS pricing simplicity—another Truecount difference that helps retailers to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, cut costs, and develop new techniques to boost ROI.

The time to get started is now. Catch the RFID wave and gain significant competitive advantages for your operation through item-level intelligence.

Truecount Delivers

Measurable ROI

  • Increased Sales – up to 15% sales lift
  • Improved Inventory Accuracy – up to 99+% accuracy
  • Reduced Costs – RFID takes 96% less time than bar codes for similar tasks
  • Labor Saving – including 90+% off the time needed to perform inventory cycle counts and receive product
  • Execution Enablement – captures and corrects inventory handling errors in real time, taking the worry out of making sure your product is in its proper place
  • Loss Intelligence – see the what, where and when of missing items, in real time
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction – fewer out-of-stock and/or missing items


  • User Interface based on firsthand knowledge of retail environments
  • Flexibility to track specific event driven workflows and retail processes
  • Simple, easy connectivity to all leading ERP, POS, WMS systems
  • Scalability to be operational in hundreds of stores, in distribution centers, and throughout the supply chain
  • Expandability to add new modules and customized features
  • Saas pricing option
  • Support for internationalization
  • Security and 24/7 monitoring

Out of the Box Features

  • Item Level Asset and Inventory Management
  • Automated Workflow and Business Process Management
  • Advanced Business Analytics and Reporting
  • Employee Performance Management VIP/Loyalty Program Support
  • Loss Intelligence For Entire Supply Chain

Designed to Scale

  • Built specifically for retail using Microsoft .NET and BizTalk technology—a mature, scalable, adaptable, and stable platform.
  • Web-based technology means servers can be hosted locally (on-premise or in a data center) or hosted in the cloud.

Truecount provides actionable intelligence. Remember, visibility is crucial to your company’s success. If you can’t see it, you can’t measure it. If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, it’s probably costing you money.

To learn more, call Truecount for a complimentary consultation 1-800-403-7118 x1 or email